Landscaping and gardening in 2018 is all about making the most of what you have, even if your backyard is smaller than you’d like.

It’s about embracing the outdoors and designing areas that let you enjoy your garden in comfort, as well as becoming more eco-friendly in your landscaping choices.

Eco-conscious landscaping

In our climate, and considering the water restrictions that are sometimes put in place, it makes environmentally friendly landscaping an even more attractive option for your garden.

Choosing plants that require little water will save you money, and time due to needing less maintenance than traditional plants.

This doesn’t mean you need to do a desert-themed garden with just cacti; you can get creative with the plants and grasses you add, and choose to place stone or gravel with them, to create pleasing aesthetic and geometric effects. Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean boring!

Small means cozy, not restricted

2018 is all about cozy spaces, so making the most of your small backyard is the way to go!

Make intimate, lovely spaces, like a seating area, a water feature, or any of the other suggestions further in this blog.

Even the smallest of areas can become a gorgeous dining spot, or if you’re lucky enough to have a larger garden, you can break it up into many smaller spaces.

Make a reading area, or even a little meditation spot; anything you can think of!

Sectioning off these spots with things like hedges or potted plants helps create an even more cozy setting, while keeping a flow throughout the whole backyard.

Edible gardens

2018 has seen many of us become more aware of our household’s impact on the environment and want to save money wherever possible.

A great way to continue this trend is with a garden to table dining!

I’m not talking about raising cattle in your suburban backyard, don’t worry.

What this trend is about is making the most of any space you may have available in your garden, no matter how small, to plant a herb garden, or a fruit tree, or even a veggie patch.

You’ll be saving money, be able to compost food waste, and enjoy incredibly fresh fruits and vegetables.

Having a herb or veggie garden is also great if you have children; it gives them a new hobby and teaches them useful life skills.

They’ll also be more likely to eat their fruit and vegetables if they had a hand in growing them, which should save some arguments at dinner time.

Check with your council if you want to go a step further and have chickens, to make sure of any guidelines or recommendations they may have.

Who wouldn’t want their own supply of fresh eggs?

Water features

Fire pits are on the way out; it’s all about water features this year.

You can get water features that recycle the water, so you can still enjoy them even when you’re on water restrictions.

They also tie into the eco-conscious landscaping we discussed above because they provide water for wildlife.

On hot summer days, this is a blessing for birds and other animals.

Water features are perfect for creating a relaxing space, thanks to their soothing sounds.

Many people place seating near their water feature, to make a place for reflection and calm amongst the noise and busyness of everyday life.

Make it the statement piece of your backyard with a large design, or have a smaller one to blend in with your garden, and make separating areas easier.

Going vertical

Another great trend is vertical gardening.

A surprising benefit of a vertical garden wall is that it helps reduce the heat in your home, lowering your power bill thanks to needing less cooling.

Going vertical also means that you can make the most of even the smallest of spaces because it gives you another direction to go with your garden.

We can help you choose the optimal placing for your vertical plants, to ensure they get the correct amount of sunlight and can grow for years to come.

You also need to consider drainage and having a water source nearby, which we can also help with.

Textured pavers

Like with small spaces becoming the latest trend, 2018 also sees textural flooring in smaller sizes in the spotlight.

There’s a variety of different stones available now, to break up bigger areas.

There are variations on granite and limestone that are particularly exciting.

Gone are the big pavers, their clean lines replaced with a mix of different sizes, shapes and finishes in these new stones.

Create interesting pathways between areas in your garden, and be right on trend.


Creating outdoor spaces that you can enjoy day and night is becoming an even bigger trend this year.

Solar lighting will save you money on your electricity bill while complimenting your landscaping choices.

They’re also much more flattering than the traditional fluro lighting of years past and can become a part of your designing.

Lighting up seats or steps with strip lighting is a popular choice in 2018, to light the way and enhance the elements you want to highlight in your landscaping.

You can even use strip lights on bench tops, to provide great lighting and style in your outdoor areas.

There you have it, the top garden and landscaping trends for 2018!

We’re excited about the environmentally friendly designs and features that are becoming more popular; the more people that embrace being eco-conscious, the better!

We can help design and create the perfect garden and landscaping for your needs, whether you want to follow the trends or not.

We can also give your garden an update, or completely revamp it for you.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’re happy to chat with you and give you advice and ideas on what will suit your backyard, as well as all the information you’ll need on how to care for your new garden. If you need a Brisbane landscaping expert then feel free to get in touch.