There are two main elements that contribute to a beautiful outdoor living space and they are known as hardscape and softscape. They beautifully complement each other and make up an ethereal outdoor area. Both are opposite to each other but necessary in order to make any landscape fully functional especially for garden maintenance Brisbane.

Every hard thing in your yard is hardscape – concrete, walls, pathways, bricks, stones, patio, and others. While softscape is everything that is soft and grows – shrubs, flowers, vegetables, trees, succulents, and many others. Hardscape is generally non-living.

You can mix and match these two landscaping elements in order to create a perfect backyard design. A good looking backyard is generally a combination of Hardscaping and Softscaping. You need to imagine the arrangement and ratio of these two elements beforehand. Planning is necessary to get the most out of your backyard and to get wonderful results. Commercial landscaping companies help in planning and executing your ideas perfectly.

Hardscape elements and their characteristics

  • The hard things in your yard, like gravel, stones, and pavings comprise Hardscaping.
  • Hardscape is basically “hard”, yet moving
  • It is solid and unchanging
  • It can be naturally occurring like stones and man-made also, like planters and walls.
  • Other examples of Hardscaping include an outdoor kitchen, gazebos, decks, pavements, and driveways.
  • Hardscaping is beneficial to your garden as it reduces soil erosion and helps in keeping the ground intact.

Softscape elements and their characteristics

  • These are all the living and growing elements of your garden, i.e. flowers, plants, vegetables, and living things like these.
  • They constantly change and evolve with nature, adapt to climate and make necessary environmental changes. Landscaping costs go higher when hardscape elements are more.
  • Soft to touch, can you think of any rose petals here? Delicate and super soft, right?

A well-designed landscape involves a good balance between these two elements. There are properties that have too much of one of these. Have you seen a backyard which has a lot of Hardscaping going on but not much softscaping? It looks very harsh and not much like a landscape, more of an industrial space. There should be a balance between the two in order to soothe the eyes and create a beautiful outdoor space.

A backyard which has a lot of Softscaping going on, is preferred among a lot of people, and if maintained properly it can be quite nice. However if not, it can look like a chaotic mess.

A landscaping expert can show you how to use the elements of the landscape in your yard in such a way that combines the best of softscape and hardscape designs. Contact an expert in your area that can work in both fields of design and find out what they can do for your unique property.


So, now that you know about the two main elements of a backyard and their features, let the landscaping business Blue Tongue help you in creating the yard of your dreams with a perfect balance of softscapes and hardscapes. Contact us right now to get started with your dream project!