If you have a small yard, there are several ways to deal with it. You can employ many creative backyard ideas to make optimum use of the available area and enhance the appeal of the landscape. The application of these ideas will not only make your small yard look spacious but beautiful as well. Many people make their spaces look even smaller by using bulky furniture. Decluttering your yard remains one of the most important ideas to make your landscape look larger.

Here are some important tips to make your small yard appear big:

1. Opt for Levels:

It is always a great idea to create levels in the available space to make it appear big and beautiful. An elevated or hollowed yard offers a neat and interesting space for your friends and family members. Dividing a small space with tall plants, or hedges, means that there’s depth to the space even though it is small. It will create an element of freshness throughout the space. With a terraced garden, you get adequate space for your favourite plants. They can also be used as a useful drainage solution.

2. Create Vertical Garden:

These gardens offer adequate space to grow a variety of plants. Use climbing plants like clematis, honeysuckle vines, and morning glories in your vertical garden to boost its beauty. You can also think of creating a vertical pallet garden to grow stunning herbs. Hire a lawn care specialist to discuss ideas on maximising the utilisation of available space.

3. Make It Fence Free:

When you use a fence in an already small space, it makes it appear smaller. Fences work wonders with dogs or small children but it will reduce the appeal of an already small space. When your eyes can go beyond your property border it will make the yard look larger. If fencing is a must option, you can opt for a line of trellis’. You may use the trellis for growing climbing plants and vines. It will also allow the breeze and sunlight in your small yard and making it look more open.

4. Select the Right Trees:

If you are planning to add trees to your small yard, carry out some research. It will go a long way in your yard care and beauty. Do not fill the small space with those trees that grow way too fast. Opt for small trees that are suitable for a particular climate like dwarf red pine, dwarf chokecherry, dwarf red pine, etc. Planting tall and thin trees can be another useful idea. It will cover the height without occupying the small space. Some good options may include Eastern white pine, rocky mountain juniper, arborvitae, etc.


The above tips will prove handy in making your small space look larger and more beautiful. Enhance the beauty of your small front yard landscaping by decluttering your lawn and using design tricks to play smoke and mirrors. Before you begin to plan on buying the types of plants, furniture, and trees, consider the patio space properly and make decisions accordingly.