Stunning gardens and landscaping boost the overall value of a property and offer you a functional outdoor area that you can enjoy with your loved ones. If you are wanting to create a garden from scratch, planning is one of the most important aspects. You must have clarity in your mind as to what kind of a garden you want to establish. Landscaping Brisbane is gaining momentum in Australia and can help you bring your ideas to life!

Below are some essential tips that will help you create an eye-catching garden:

1. Planning is the key:

Adequate planning and research hold importance during this stage. You need to identify whether you seek a garden full of flowers or perhaps something a little more functional, such as a BBQ area. If you zero down on a lush, green lawn full of flowers, you must decide what types of flowers you want. The types of flowers available for gardening can be broadly divided into two types. You may opt for annual flowers or perennials or both of them. You should also check whether your yard receives sufficient sunlight or it remains shady most of the time. If you want to grow healthy flowers or vegetables, the garden should receive at least 4 to 5 hours of sunlight. If it appears impossible, you may opt for plants that are more suited to growing in the shade. You can seek views from experts on commercial landscaping as well, in case you are planning a landscaping spruce of your office space or something similar.

2. Healthy soil:

As soon as you have decided on the type of garden you would like to create, you need to check the soil in your yard. Soil plays a crucial role in the healthy development of plants and vegetables. During this stage, you need to prepare the soil for plantation. You may add a form of manure or soil microbes as they prove helpful in the gardening process. You may also spread mulch on the top layer of the soil; opt for top quality pine bark mulch that can help in keeping water in the soil and suppresses the formation of weeds. There are several garden makeover ideas that you can employ for your garden.

3. Select plants:

Here comes the most interesting stage. Hard plants that can withstand drought-like conditions will prove better for sandy soil. If you opt for a vegetable garden, you need to prepare the soil in an effective manner. It is because the plants may require a huge quantity of water for the production of healthy vegetables. While for the herb garden or lesser flower area, you may use pots to keep the condition of soil better.


Everyone appreciates a beautiful garden! You can enjoy your precious time with your family and friends in that lush green area. And, the most important thing is to opt for native plants. Native plants grow in a natural manner. These plants do not require any additional efforts to keep them hale and healthy. They will not invite insects or disease issues. Get in touch today with the team at Blue Tongue Landscaping – the landscaping experts!