Multifunctional landscapes have been designed for multidimensional advantages. Landscape services inc., architects, and planners are entrusted with the responsibilities of designing landscapes that can meet various needs. Multifunctional landscape design needs to fulfil several ecosystem services. Such services may include enhancing visual quality, beauty, and human health, among others. The various multifunctional features have emerged as a common element spotted in several homes. Below are some vital landscape features that you may integrate into your backyard landscape design in Brisbane:

1. Outdoor Pergolas:

Outdoor pergolas look stunning in appearance and practically they are really great option. They go a long way in enhancing the beauty of any home and they can offer you amazing protection whether you are exposed to rain or sun. They provide you shade for staying comfortable and cozy when the temperature begins to rise in scorching hot summers and they can boost your privacy to a greater extent. Apart from offering protection and privacy, this feature can also double as a backyard space. You may add vibrant planter baskets that you can hang at the structure to enhance the visual appeal or you may even choose to add a BBQ so that it can stand as an additional outdoor entertaining area. Get in touch with lawn cutting service Blue Tongue Landscaping to get majestic outdoor pergolas.

2. Built-in seating walls:

Built-in seating walls have emerged as a common feature for backyard spaces that often also contain an outdoor fire pit. This vital landscape feature will help in accommodating more people and providing a social space in your yard. Such landscape features also help in enhancing overall comfort and improving quality of life. Additionally, the adjacent wall may work as a wind barrier or heat reflector. It will also allow the fire pit to continue burning on windy days. And, your guests will remain warm and comfortable. You may get cost-effective landscaping bricks to create a built-in seating wall when you search online.

3. Vertical wall gardens:

These garden walls can significantly transform your entire landscape thus making it the centre of everyone’s attention. Vertical gardens appear to be visually appealing and dynamic. Additionally, these landscape structures also allow home owners to enhance their space. The height of vertical wall gardens also boosts the circulation of air to plants.


The above-discussed three features can transform your landscape and therefore increase your property value. These days many people also opt for retaining wall blocks to enhance their privacy. Vertical wall gardens can also block unwanted attention from bystanders and strangers. They also work as a sound barrier thus reducing the high noise levels. You may incorporate the top three features in your garden to help in enhancing your landscape design. Contact Blue Tongue Landscaping today to chat about your landscaping goals!