You might be watering your lawn regularly during summers. But, it is necessary to understand the importance of watering turf during summer. When your grass begins to turn brown it does not always mean that it is dead. Grass has a life cycle and when there is less water it may go dormant. The grass blades may appear brown but that does not mean that the plant is lifeless. Grass begins to save water in a bid to tackle drought. You should also know how much water your landscaping shrubs will require in different seasons. You will also come across several kinds of turf that may include fescue and perennial ryegrass.

Here are the vital points of watering turf during summer:

Advantages of watering grass during hot summers

You will enjoy various advantages when you water turf during the summer heat. Watering the turf regularly will give you a beautiful green lawn that will become the envy of your neighbour. Also, the turf will remain healthy and you won’t have to deal with unwanted weeds. When the turf gets dry, the growth of weeds will increase. You may opt for a retaining wall as they will enhance the appeal of your landscape.

Disadvantages of watering during summers

Things will not change drastically if you don’t water your turf during hot summers. The lawn may not remain that lush green during summer but when grass becomes established, it begins to adapt according to the environment. And, when the grass turns brown, it shows that it is conserving its energy to deal with the drought. But, if you begin to water the lawn after spotting a few brown blades, you will increase its expectations. When it knows that it will get a regular supply of water, the turf will begin to depend on it. And, you may invite a problem for you as you will have to keep it up. Therefore, it is better to leave it alone and allow it to lead its normal life cycle. The lawn will spring back to life if you do not abandon effective maintenance practice. You can obtain quality landscape materials from reliable suppliers.

Don’t miss these tips when you water your turf during summer

The leading properties are equipped with reliable irrigation systems. When you plan to water the grass in summers, it is important to remember a few points. The controllers of the irrigation systems must be set in such a way that they deliver a minimal amount of water in a bid to keep the turf healthy. If you need to water the turf on your own, you should check if all the lawn requires watering. You should emphasise top-visibility areas and leave the strips of grass on the sides.


The aforementioned points will help you get a healthy turf. You should be aware of effective gardening and landscaping practice. If you have been hand watering, you may be wasting a huge amount of water. You may end up watering excessively during summers. It is important to remember that this could lead to lawn fungus disease. You will not invite this problem if you cut back on watering during summers. It is important to follow healthy lawn maintenance habits to keep the turf in a good condition.