Ornamental grasses are a popular choice for many of us when it comes to the garden. Their textures and colours provide ample visual interest, and since many are native species, many gardeners favour putting them in their gardens. They are also a popular choice in residential landscaping. Once the greenery turns brown and lifeless at the end of the season, the dead grass needs to be removed. This blog post will help you to practice some best process to trim the ornamental grass.

When Are the Times to Cut Ornamental Grasses?

Ornamental grasses are normally categorised as cool, warm, or evergreen. Each of them has its own preferences for when and how to cut them. Let us see a few of the tips:

  1. Try to cut the warm season grasses in fall: Before the winter, it is always a good option to cut and make a tidy garden if you have this type of grass. Try to trim all the warm ornamental grasses around fall. You can also cut them in mid-spring or late spring.
  2. Cut cool-season grass in late winter: Leave the cool-season grasses until the end of winter. You can cut them after that.
  3. Leave the evergreen: Do not cut the evergreen ones.

What Are the Tools You Need to Use to Cut Ornamental Grasses?

You will require the following things to cut ornamental grasses:

  • A pair of gloves
  • A roll of tape or garden ties
  • Pruning shears

You need to wear your gloves to protect your hands. To make a clean-up easier, try to bundle the stalks before cutting. You can use your tape or ties for this. If they are tall, try to tie them at two spots. Once this is done, cut them with prune shears. If they are the warm type, cut them few inches from the ground, if cool-season grass leaving one-third plant. Nowadays many owners employ lawn maintenance companies keep their lawn clean and tidy with this process.

When to Divide Ornamental Grasses?

Dividing often increases the amount of foliage in your garden without having to buy more grass. If you do this every few seasons, it will help your grass to remain healthy and active. Many landscaping companies Brisbane use this method. Dividing also helps to rejuvenate the plant. The trick is to divide the grass in their active season. Divide warm-season grass from spring through mid-summer and cool-season in spring or early fall. Evergreen grass can be divided in spring as it is in full bloom during that time.

How to Divide Ornamental Grass?

You will need gloves, a shovel, and pruning shears.

Wearing gloves, dig up a clump of grass with the shovel. Divide the clump into many pieces and make sure each one has its roots. Then replant these grass into the place you want them to grow. Make sure you do it before their roots dry out.

Bottom Line

If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you can maintain a healthy yard and can keep it tidy at the same time. Landscaping services Brisbane can help you with more information on this.