Garden edging or lawn edging is one of the most creative ways to define your garden space because it has the capability of separating two areas. And there is an ample number of creative ways that you can try to achieve edging. Whether it be stones, concrete or bricks, wood, or logs, you can bring them into the utility to add some drama and character to your backyard landscape.

Here are a few garden edging ideas to get going with your landscape beautification:

1. Brick swirl edging

Garden edging can be quite interesting as you can try out different patterns and ways to lift the uniformity in your yard. Placing bricks on a compacted base and further covering it with one or two inches of sand helps to ensure they are aligned firmly and therefore does not require realignment time and again.

2. Trench edging

If you want to showcase a natural look for your garden borders, trench edging may just be your best bet. For this, consider drawing a perpendicular edge all around the four corners of the garden using a spade or rotary, further mulching the garden beds. While mulching, ensure that you add some wooden chips for creating a trench around the grass borders. This way, you will be able to create a more defined, crisp edge for your garden beds. You can also consider seeking landscaping services from landscaping north Brisbane to enhance your garden like a pro.

3. Metal or plastic edging

If you wish to separate your garden beds from grass, metal edging can serve as one of the most effective hacks. The installation is similar to trench edging, the only difference being that the trenches are not left in. You can consider using lightweight, rust-resistant, and rigid materials for installing them within the borders.

4. Log edging

If you wish to add a rustic charm to your gardens, then using logs is a really nice option. Lay the wood to create defined edges that add a natural, earthy feel. Using the logs as shellac also enhances durability and longevity.

5. Wine bottles

Using wine bottles for edging purposes is no less than a ‘best out of waste idea’ to define your garden edges. So how exactly does it work? Collect a few discarded bottles and you are good to go. They can serve at its best to edge pathway borders or for edging flower beds and vegetable patches. Now to start with the edging, you just need to dig holes and start burying the bottles upside down, keeping the height as per your wish. If you have children or a young family, this option might not be the safest for your family, so just keep in mind safety as well.

These were just a few awesome ways in which you can try out landscape edging in your backyard. Not only do they give your garden edges a flawless finish, but they also highlight your garden ambiance combining different styles and ideas.