A beautiful landscape and adds value to your property and contributes to your well-being. When it comes to attractive landscaping, nothing beats a healthy-looking lawn. Are you considering engaging the best landscapers to install a lawn? Before you consider landscape solutions, you might want to decide the best type of lawn for your space. Artificial turf is one of the options you will come across. In this post, we evaluate the important facts about artificial turf.

How is Artificial Turf Made?

Artificial turf features polyethylene plastic grass and an in-fill base made of crump rubber from  groundup recycled tires. The mixture is heated and pressed through an extruder head under intense pressure. The process results in the creation of synthetic fibers.

Pros of Artificial Turf?

Here are some of the advantages you will enjoy whenever you choose artificial turf for your landscaping.

1.     Lower maintenance grass

While the initial purchase cost is a bit high, the upkeep cost is less than you would pay to maintain natural grass. First, artificial turf is always the perfect length; you will not be required to mow or weed it. You save time and the cost of labor for mowing natural grass. Second, the artificial lawn does not require watering. No matter how hot the weather gets, you save thousands of gallons of water each year. Last, you will not need to apply fertilizers or chemicals to your artificial lawn. In short, artificial lawn is a low maintenance kind of grass.

2.     Attractive all tear long

With artificial grass, you do not experience brown grass in the summer or muddy soil in the winter. Besides, weeds do not grow in artificial turf as compared to natural grass. The beauty of artificial lawn is that it is UV protected;it will not fade or discolor. On the other hand, natural grass experiences stress with weather changes such as summer heat. Therefore, you have to use a lot of water to cool and revive natural grass.

3.     Increased playability

High-quality artificial grass is much more durable compared to grass. Therefore, children can enjoy playing on the artificial grass for a longer time because the grass does not wear out so soon.

 Cons of Artificial Grass

1.     Requires frequent cleaning

If you do not clean your artificial grass, it becomes unsightly rather quickly. Certain types of infill are prone to a bad odor due with debris buildup.

2.     Surface heat may affect playability

Another common issue of concern is that artificial turf tends to hold more heat compared to natural grass. Therefore, it feels warmer to the touch and sometimes uncomfortable to play on.

3.     Prone to melting

Although artificial turf does not flame up, it is prone to melting if hot charcoal falls on it or when intense heat from the sun hits the grass surface.


Perhaps the most important factor to bear in mind is that not all-artificial turf is equal. Therefore, product quality and professional installation should be a priority. Talk to experienced landscape builders for the best quality artificial turf. Contact Blue Tongue Landscaping for a top customer experience when it comes to structural landscaping and the installation of artificial turf.