Fall is the season to harvest. It is the best time to prepare your lawn for spring growth. You can seek lawn maintenance service to make the most of Autumn’s suitable conditions for the lush green landscape. When you give proper attention to your lawn during fall, it will not only recover from the summer stress but it will also bloom for the spring season. It is worth noting that the fall’s cool and moist atmosphere can also assist grassroots to grow healthy. If you take benefit of this growing period, your lawn will get stunning results in the upcoming year.

Given below are vital tips that will help in protecting your lawn this fall:

1. Clean the lawn

As the fall season continues, you may come across a huge amount of debris. It may include dead leaves, fallen branches, and twigs among other things. The debris may also affect the health of the grass on the lawn. Dead leaves have enough potential to harm and suffocate your plants so you must always rid your landscape yard of debris as often as possible to keep the existing plants in the best of health.

2. Mowing

Grass grows in almost all seasons unhindered so you should never discontinue mowing. When you mow your lawn, you can get rid of dead leaves, thus enhancing the growth of the existing plants in the lawn. You also need to ensure that you chop the grass tall and strive to cut approximately one third from the top of the blades. You should also refrain from bagging the grass clippings so that they can work as fertiliser. It will help in keeping the grass healthy. You may also hire a mowing service in case you are not in possession of a lawnmower.

3. Water the lawn

It is imperative to water your lawn consistently. When you water the plants and grass in an adequate manner in fall, it will increase the moisture level of the lawn. Experts say that you must be careful to provide water, specifically in the earlier half of the fall.

4. Loosening soil and seeding the area

During the fall, your lawn may develop firm soil. If your lawn does not face this issue, it is appropriate to ensure the soil gets water, nutrients, and oxygen. You may think of aerating the soil to keep the lawn healthy in the winter season. You should complete the step prior to fertilising so that the roots receive the nutrients. After this, you should spread the seeds over the lawn to fertilise the grass.


The above four steps will be appropriate to help you provide adequate care to your lawn during fall. Whenever you feel the grass requires chopping, don’t hesitate – contact professionals from lawn mowing business Blue Tongue Landscaping!