Are you looking for the best landscape design to transform your yard? While landscaping is an important and fun activity for homeowners, limited space can be a significant hurdle. If you have a small backyard, you should consult experienced landscape gardeners to help with landscaping design and ideas. Do you want to transform your space but have a tiny yard? Here are landscaping ideas for small backyards.

1. Use Potted Plants 

Often referred to as container gardening, growing plants in pots is an excellent idea for creating an intricate landscape. No matter your available space, container plants allow you to grow beautiful flowers in your yard. You can grow various flowers, including those that may not be suitable to grow in your garden based on the site conditions. Potting also allows you to move the plants. Moving the plants can be beneficial because you can shift the location to provide more sun or shade, depending on the season.Container planting means you don’t have to do as much weeding because of the small surface area.Potted planting is a great idea to create a beautiful yard within small spaces.

2. Make Use of Vertical Spaces

Landscaping a small yard can be overwhelming. However, with creativity, you can create a beautiful yard. Take advantage of the vertical space and plant beautiful flowers in planter boxes and on trellises. Consult local suppliers for creatively designed vertical planters. If you are handy, you can make some vertical planters to fit your space perfectly. Vertical planting makes your landscaping fun, saves your available space, and provides your home with a beautiful look.

3. Consider Planting Trees  

Although planting a tree in a small yard may not be your first thought, trees can be a great idea for small yard landscaping. Picking acolourful ornamental or dwarf species can brighten any space. Trees can add a beautiful accent to your backyard. Remember that a unique ornamental tree can anchor the rest of the landscape or act as a focal point for décor. However, the size of the tree is critical. If the tree is too big, it will swallow up the yard, and if too small, it will appear as an afterthought in your landscaping. When choosing the right tree for a small yard, also be aware of the roots and their impact on nearby structures and pathways.

4. Consider Hardscaping 

Mixing plants with concrete surfaces helps to boost the look of your backyard by creating a dramatic visual. Select concrete paving and plant some grass in between the concrete pathways or plant beautiful flowers along the concrete driveways. While hardscaping makes yard maintenance simpler, plants add enough interests to the concrete surfaces to still give you a refreshing outdoor space.

5. Talk to a Professional

Engaging a professional is the best way to create an attractive backyard. No matter the available space, a professional can help you with a landscape design to suit your yard. It is always a great idea to work with experienced professionals for recommendations with the right plants and arrangements.


Landscaping small yards is not always easy. However, with help from professionals, you can create the perfect backyard. Contact Blue Tongue for the best landscaping ideas and general garden maintenance. We are professional landscape gardenersthat will work with your yard no matter the size or orientation. To schedule a free on-site consultation and for free estimates, contact us today!