Your homes landscape is an extension of your personality and has the potential to increase the value of your property. Besides, the state of your landscape has the potential to improve your mood and the state of mind.  Who would not love to come home to a well-landscaped garden? Have you invested in professional landscaping service for your home? Professional landscape maintenance is the next thing you need. In this post, we review the important tips for ensuring your landscape looks good throughout the year.

1. Regular Cleaning Of Natural Stone Patios, Paths and Decks

Concrete driveways, patios and footpaths enhance the curb appeal. However, to ensure a perfect appearance throughout the year, you have to clean the surfaces on a regular basis. Remember harsh weather, dirt and dust are common enemies of the concrete surfaces. Accumulation of dirt causes spoiling of the surface. You need to ensure proper scrubbing to get rid of the dust and any fallen leaves in your backyard footpaths and concrete driveways. Therefore, come up with a regular cleaning schedule, and use the appropriate cleaning equipment and detergents.

2. Apply Concrete sealant

It is important to seal and cure the concreted surface. Concrete sealing protects the concreted driveways from weather exposure, water, grease, and other stains. Talk to a professional concreting contractor near you for advise when it comes to choosing and applying the best concrete sealant. Concrete sealing also helps to bring out the natural beauty of your concrete, making it easier to clean. In order for the sealant to work perfectly, you must make sure the application process is done perfectly.

3. Get rid Of Weeds

Another important aspect when it comes to maintenance of your yard has to do with weeding. Ideally, weed growth affects the health of your landscaping flowers and trees. Moreover, weed growth between the paving stones affects the curb appeal, and could damage the concrete driveways. Despite all the precautionary measures to prevent weed growth, chances of unwanted weeds in your landscape remains high. Make sure you conduct inspection on a regular basis, and get rid of all the weeds. Use proper weeding tools, and apply high-quality and environment friendly weedicides to control the dispersion of unwanted plants in your landscape.

4. Trees and Flower Mulching

Mulching is important for plant health. Proper mulching shades and cools the soil. Besides, mulching adds organic matter and nutrients to the soil, and reduces compaction. If you plan to pant fruit trees, shade trees and flowers in your backyard, consider mulching the plants as this provides optimal conditions for their growth. Mulching plants reduces water loss through evaporation. Therefore, you will reduce the water bill significantly, as mulch preserves the moisture levels.

5. Watering and Fertilizing All the Vegetation

The secret to a perfect looking lawn is ensuring proper fertilization and regular watering. Like other living organisms, plants require adequate amount of fertilizer  and water. To minimize the need for commercial fertilizer, apply animal manure and compost fallen leaves and twigs. Once the compost matures, apply it in the required amount to the vegetation in your yard.

6. Hire a Professional Landscaping Contractor

When it comes to improving the curb appeal, it is important you engage the services of a qualified landscaping company. Ideally, professionals understand the secrets of landscaping, and so they will maintain the property at its optimal conditions. Experienced landscaping Brisbane applies the right tools and equipment, protecting your investment. moreover, professionals understand the critical processes for landscape maintenance, and so plays a critical role.


We have gone through the important aspects to consider when it comes to landscaping. At Blue Tongue landscaping, we provide professional landscape maintenance in Brisbane. Contact us today, for a free estimate and advice on how to ensure, your landscape is appealing all year round.