If you have a commercial property, it becomes useful to maintain a pleasing landscape. It will not only improve the appeal of your commercial property but increase its value. There are several leading commercial landscape maintenance companies that will help you maintain an attractive lawn. Potential renters and buyers often look for attractive landscaping around your property. You must invest time and effort in proper irrigation as it is one of the most effective steps to grow a healthy landscape. You must consider when to water, how much to water, and the types of irrigation systems to use.

Given below are useful irrigation tips that you should not overlook:

1. Water deeply

It is necessary to water deeply but not always frequently. The sprinkler systems that you install should function less frequently but for longer durations at a time. It will allow water to penetrate into the soil where the roots of several plants are. On the other hand, when you water for a shorter duration, the water may not reach the roots of the plants. Also, when you water frequently and for a shorter duration, it can cause overwatering. You will not receive the benefits of watering. The potential sign of overwatering will include soggy soil, wilted, and limp plants. Overwatering does not only require a huge amount of water. Get in touch with experts to get modern garden ideas.

2. Opt to water early or late in the day

When you water at sunrise or sunset, your plants reap several advantages. When you water early it is less breezy and more water will reach its target. When you do not water during the hottest time of the day, you will not face the concern of evaporation. Water will have more time to penetrate the soil deeply. It will enhance efficiency and help you save water and money.

3. Do not water just the base of the plant

You may think that watering just the base of the plant is adequate. But it is not a correct approach. The roots may extend beyond the reach of leaves also known as the drip zone. The drip zone is the area where water falls from the leaves to the soil. If you don’t water the plant all around it, the roots may not receive the water that they require. So it is necessary to water the plant all around it instead of just the base. Hire professionals that will give you stunning lawn landscaping and enhance the value of your property.

4. Mulch and compost

Mulch can provide several advantages to the plant and soil. It can absorb moisture and provide a cooling effect on the soil. It can also prevent evaporation and control weeds effectively. Also, a fresh mulch bed will also offer a stunning visual impact against the faded or bare garden beds.


The above irrigation tips will help you enhance the value and appeal of your property. You will be able to attract more renters and buyers with the above-mentioned irrigation tips. You may also browse useful garden design ideas to increase the beauty of your commercial property. Do not forget to add compost in a regular manner as it will also provide moisture-retaining effects apart from the added advantages of plants’ nourishment.