Are you planning to make a beautiful garden for your balcony? You must prepare a strategy on a piece of paper before going ahead with your plan. List all requirements that you may need for making a balcony garden. Chalk out a plan of how you will make it possible. Make a list of plants that will be suitable for the balcony. If the balcony is sunny, choose plants that can bear sun rays and vice-versa. Check the height, length, and width of the balcony. These details will come in handy when arranging furniture, boxes, big and free-standing containers. You may also seek the help of gardening services Brisbane. Check other important factors below:

·     If it is an East Facing Balcony:

In an East facing balcony, many plants tend to grow properly. You can opt for ornamental species, vegetables, fruits, and plenty of herbs. However, you need to be cautious during winters. You will have to protect the perpetual plants growing in big containers. The powerful Easterly winds may pose a risk to the plants.

·     If it is a North and South Facing Balcony:

These balconies remain shady most of the time during the day. You should opt for such plants which do not require much sun rays. These plants will grow well in north and south facing balconies. You can also choose beautiful flowers to make the balcony appealing. Check the many beautiful flower garden designs online.

·     If it is a Shady Balcony:

If your balcony happens to be shady, you need to be careful when selecting plants. You may carry out research before buying any type of plants. Select only those plants which can grow well with low sun exposure. You can also speak to the nursery owner about what type of plants are suitable for a shady balcony. Edible plants grow very well in shady balconies.

·     If it is a Sunny Balcony:

You can grow a vast variety of plants on a sunny balcony. You may opt for geranium, rose, verbena, etc. Stay away from shade-loving plants as they will burn. You can also find a landscaper to get more help and make your balcony eye catchy.

After you have developed your balcony garden, make sure you remember to water the plants on a regular basis. For the healthy growth of the plants, it is important to fertilise them. Make sure you water the plants most mornings. If you have opted for sun-friendly plants, grow them in planters installed on the windows and railings of the balcony.


The above tips will prove useful in your endeavour towards developing the perfect balcony. You can go for retaining walls Brisbane services for creating an attractive balcony. If you follow the above tips properly, your balcony will be the centre of attraction in your neighbour.