A beautifully green lawn is something we all love and keeping it clean and healthy takes a little extra effort. We all know how to keep the grass short and provide the best nutrients to the soil including fertilizers but do you know aeration is also important? When you plan your garden most garden planners will tell you about the whole process but if you’ve got questions we will clear all your doubts here.

What Is Aeration?

Aeration means to allow air circulation. Aeration of a lawn is to let your lawn breathe fresh air. The more you let your lawn breathe the longer it will stay healthy. When you put a hole in the soil it helps the soil to absorb air, water, and other nutrients to reach down into the roots. This helps the root systems to stay healthy and strong helping the lawn to grow strenuously with improved grass quality. Aeration helps to solve the problems related to soil compaction. When soil compaction takes place, water, air, and other nutrients cannot enter the soil deeply where they need to be.

When Is The Best Time To This?

Grass becomes more active during the spring and summer. Grass thrives during the warmer season. During autumn and winter, it grows less. So, making holes in the soil does not much help in the circulation of the overall nutrients. Aeration also acts as a catalyst to all the activity and actions that you take such as removing growth and also adding a top layer on the top dressing. The best time to aerate your lawn is right after rainfall. This helps to make the process much easier to achieve as the soil moisture levels are in your favour compared to the time when the soil is extremely dry and hard. You can do this even if you have landscaping Perth designs but may need some professional help.

How Often Should Your Lawn Be Aerated?

The answer depends on the type of soil your lawn has under the surface. If your lawn has clay soil, it is best to aerate once a year. If it is sandy soil, it should be done every other year. But you can still do it annually.

Another important factor that should be considered is the amount of heavy-duty use your lawn is subjected to. For example, if it is the playground of your children or pets, then the level of compaction will be higher than a lawn where not much work takes place.

How to Aerate the Lawn?

This depends on the size of your lawn. If you have a small lawn you can manually do it. You can buy aerating sandals. You can wear them and walk over the area. For your backyard garden ideas, you can also take a fork and insert it in the soil, and wiggle them back and forth. Keep at least eight to ten centimetres gap between the insertions.

Bottom Line

These are the ways you can make the aeration of your lawn easier and successful. When you get a lawnmower, talk to the lawn mower company to provide the best machine to keep your lawn clean and healthy and not disturb the aeration of the soil.