The truth is, not everyone can enjoy a large garden, especially in urban areas. Therefore, if your outdoor space is on the smaller side, then you should think about maximising the space and creating a welcoming and relaxing outdoor retreat. Luckily, the ultimate garden design company offering the best landscape solutions – Blue Tongue Landscaping – has created this article to show you how you can amplify a small outdoor space.

Small Garden Design Ideas to Maximise Space

  1. Utilise Your Side Yard

In general, people tend to neglect the narrow yard space when looking for smart landscape solutions and garden design. But, any professional landscape designer can successfuly use this area by featuring interesting pathways to the backyard with plenty of texture and plants.

  1. Take Advantage of Views

Regardless of the view, whether it is a city skyline, a forest, a park, or the neighbours garden, to make a small space feel bigger you may have to take advantage of these views. To achieve this, don’t install a high fence and make sure to keep planting to a minimum so that you can emphasize the view.

  1. Add a Platform

By adding a platform to your garden, you can create two distinct areas that give the sense of a journey since you and visitors should take a couple of steps up to go onto the platform. You can add potted palms or succulents and some sitting furniture to make the platform ideal for visitors.

  1. Divide the Space

Although dividing small spaces seems like the most illogical thing to do, it is actually a very practical landscape solution when creating a small garden design. By creating multiple defined-use areas you can amplify an already small space. So, for example, you could break the space up into dining, sitting, and relaxing areas.

  1. Feature a Focal Point

Adding several attractive features for the eye to rest is one of the ultimate landscape solutions which most experienced landscape designers will recommend. By offering something the eye can focus on, the space around it will instantly feel larger. Options for focal points may include large urns, hanging terracotta pots, water features, etc.

  1. Add Pergolas and Arbours

Adding pergolas and arbours to your garden design can help you take advantage of different structures for dividing the space into multiple specific use areas. Such structures add a distinctive environment to help you avoid a monotonous look while taking advantage of the shade they offer.

  1. Maximise Growing Space

Finally, as we are talking about garden design, it is more than obvious that there should be space for growing plants. However, small gardens can limit growing spaces so you have to find clever space-saver landscape solutions to maximise greenery. You can easily do so by planting espaliers or vines along a wall.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know how you can amplify a small outdoor space, you can choose your preferred small garden design idea and contact Blue Tongue Landscaping to ensure you get the ultimate landscape solutions.