The truth is, many Australian homeowners are adding home extensions to amplify living space which means that they are usually left with tiny side gardens. Luckily, with the right garden design and professional landscape solutions, this leftover outdoor space can be transformed into a lovely and harmonious place to enjoy.

To help you get inspired, one of the leading garden maintenance and landscape design companies in Australia – Blue Tongue Landscaping – created the following list of clever side garden design tricks:

  1. Include Hanging Plants

If you have a tiny side garden, it probably means that your neighbours are too close to you. Hence, obtaining privacy is something you should consider. You can easily do so by using hanging plants and other ornaments as a layered screen. As a bonus idea, add a climbing plant along the wooden archway to ensure your garden gets enough light while providing privacy and a sense of seclusion.

  1. Make Side Pathways Interesting

When it comes to side pathways, homeowners usually make one of the biggest mistakes – paving a concrete straight pathway which makes the small garden design look dull and plain. On the other hand, by adding texture, colour, and interest in the pathway, as with crazy paving, walking towards your back yard would be an interesting journey.

  1. Choose the Right Plants

Expert landscape design companies point out that selecting the right plants is essential for taking advantage of small side gardens. Imagine choosing plants that are too big and overwhelm the already small space. You don’t want that for sure. Hence, you should think of planting upright plants that fit the space or train climbers to add some greenery to the walls or fences.

  1. Add a Vertical Water Feature

Garden design companies also recommend adding an upright water feature that easily fits into a narrow space and distracts attention from tall fences and walls, thus making space feel bigger. And, to get the most of the water feature, you could paint the fence or the wall in a dark colour to suit the stone since most water features are made up of this material and add contrast with the greenery.

  1. Connect Walls with Pergolas

Last but not least, connecting walls with pergolas is yet another trick to make good use of the small side garden. Covered outdoor spaces make the landscape design feel more intimate and private. Building pergolas to connect walls is also a great way to increase outdoor living space because it creates a room-like feel. Plus, they work wonderfully with climbers that soften the walls.

The bottom line, there are many ways to use small side gardens. The above-listed ideas are only a few of many. So, contact the ultimate garden maintenance and landscape design company – Blue Tongue Landscaping – to ensure you get the best recommendations.