It goes without saying that turning a garden into a beautiful and welcoming space requires smart use of plants and professional landscaping services. This is especially important when it comes to creating a small urban garden design because some species can overwhelm and crowd the already small place.

However, this doesn’t mean that small urban garden owners cannot enjoy the beauty, privacy, and pleasure provided by a smart landscape design. For that reason, Blue Tongue Landscaping – the leading garden design and garden maintenance company offering the best landscaping services – has come up with the following list of plants that are great landscape solutions for even the tiniest gardens.

So, read on and find out which plants work best in small urban gardens.

  1. Crab Apple

One of the best landscape solutions for small outdoor areas is the crab apple tree thanks to the lovely flowers in spring, nice green foliage in summer, colourful fruit, and golden leaves in autumn. What’s more, Crap apple trees are quite versatile and come in different flower colours, shapes, and heights. Hence, ensure you contact your landscaping services provider to choose the right type for your garden.

  1. Michelia

If your garden design includes a privacy screen, i.e. a living screen, to block out neighbours, then you should definitely plant Michelia. The Michelia family plants can grow over two metres meaning that they provide more than enough privacy. And, although screening plants are usually leafy only, why not include one with flowers to add a vibrant look? The flowers of this plant can range from white to soft pink which creates balance in the greenery.

  1. Murraya Paniculata

Murraya paniculata, also referred to as orange jessamine or mock orange, is yet another screening plant with vivid green foliage and beautiful white flowers with a gentle scent. This evergreen plant works great in a small garden design because it can grow up to 2.5 metres in height and can be tightly trimmed as a formal hedge. Still, if you have enough space and prefer a looser look you can also let it grow freely and enjoy those fragrant white flowers.

  1. Blue Star Creeper

Next on the list of best plants for small urban gardens is the Blue star creeper. This plant is one of the best landscape solutions for softening concrete, glass, and other materials commonly used in such gardens to amplify outdoor living space. So, by planting ground covers, like the Blue star creeper, between pavers you will add colour and life to the otherwise mostly cold place. Plus, when it comes to garden maintenance, the Blue Star creeper doesn’t require a lot of care.

  1. Rain Lilies

Finally, your small garden design may also include rain lilies to help you create a layered look that adds a luxurious and lush feel to small outdoor spaces. Rain lilies are low-growing edging plants with gassy foliage that can reach 30 centimetres in height. The crocus-like flowers in white colour produced during summer and autumn are also a great feature to enjoy, especially after rainfall.

The bottom line, with the right use of plants and professional landscaping services you can easily make your small urban garden an enjoyable place. So, don’t hesitate and contact the best landscapers – Blue Tongue Landscaping.