Conserving water is not a tough job. There are several effective ways you can save water in your garden or lawn. If you are facing a shortage of water, worry no more.

Your garden will bring you more happiness when you use these proven 9 ways to save water.  You can make your local lawn care full of fun with the following ways:

1. Opt for Drought-Resistant Plants:

This has emerged as one of the most ideal ways to conserve water. You should purchase only those plants which require less water and can adapt themselves to any environment. Some of the popular drought-resistant plants may include Yucca, Verbena, Cactus, Aloe Vera, Russian sage, etc.

2. Grow Smaller Plants:

In your efforts to save water, choosing smaller plants will go a long way. Small plants require less water and help you save more water.

3. Give Preference to Mulch:

It is one of the best ways to conserve water in your unique garden and landscape design. When you apply a thick layer of mulch, it can significantly prevent water evaporation and help in retaining moisture. Wood chips, stone, and fallen leaves are some of the more popular mulches.

4. Water Schedule:

Maintaining a schedule can prove helpful in conserving water. The best time for watering plants is morning time. When you water early in the morning, it will prevent wastage of water and evaporation. You can water late in the afternoon alternatively.

5. Collect Rainwater:

There is nothing better than collecting rainwater as it can be an ideal source of free water.

6. Select the Right Planter:

Make sure you select the correct planter if you are potting plants. Select the planter which can give your plants space to grow. But it should not be very big as bigger planters will need more water.

7. Track the Forecast:

Make sure you keep a close track on the forecast before watering plants. If the forecast predicts rain, you can save your water for the next day.

8. Get Rid of the Weeds:

Weeds take away the water meant for plants and cause huge wastage of water. Make sure you remove all the weeds from your garden.

9. Opt for Stones:

They can help you in saving water in your garden. They also stay cooler and help in keeping your garden cool for some time.


You can use the above mentioned effective ways to save water and money. These methods will not only save water but you will also get a beautiful garden in the longer run. With these tips, your landscaping lawn care will help the Earth.