When the winter season sets in, you are often forced indoors by bad weather. But, when you have to maintain a lawn or a landscape, there are many things you need to take care of. If you need to plant shrubs and trees, then feel free to contact landscape contractors Brisbane. However, there are many things you can do to help you take care of your lawn during the cold weather. Here are some tips:

1. Clear up your lawn regularly

When you start off with the winter lawn care routine, you shouldn’t forget to clear up the lawn regularly. To break up soil clumps, drag a rake across the entire area. It’s also essential to water the lawn using a garden hose spray. This would keep the soil moist and prevent it from drying out.

2. Add some mulch around plants

If you’re concerned about the landscape during winter, then think about putting some mulch around plants and trees. Apart from keeping erosion under control, mulch helps in preventing water loss. Ideally, you should add up to two inches of mulch for maintaining the temperature of the soil. Think about using a mower if you don’t have sufficient leaves for the mulch. Or get in touch with landscape designers to know more about the most suitable landscaping trees for your lawn and how to take care of them over the winter.

3. Remember to prune plants

As the months pass, you should think about pruning your plants. This helps to keep the plants in good shape and protect them against problems that may arise during the season. Pruning in winter can also enhance the chances for plants to bear flowers and fruit. But, if you do this yourself, ensure that you be careful with the plants as over-pruning can be damaging to them.

Not all plants need pruning. You should be careful while cutting the grass with the mower. Never cut the grass to an extent that you end up scalping the area. Grass grows slower in winter and if it’s too short that could the lawn.

4. Aerate the area completely

Aerating the lawn is yet another task that can help to provide some extra air around the grassroots. This is a job that requires the correct tools so as not to damage the lawn. You could think about using a lawn aerator if you are unable to manage the task on your own. To enhance the beauty of your lawn, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek assistance from experts who offer services for Brisbane gardens.

5. Remove storm damage when the need arises

If you come across branches that might be damaged by bad weather, then you need to act to ensure they don’t pose a danger in high winds. After a storm, it pays to check your garden and remove any damaged plants that cannot be bought back to health.


Be prepared. Think ahead about monitoring the weather conditions and decide on how you can take care of the lawn. If you have thought about a beautiful design for your garden, then you can connect with Brisbane landscapers residential designers.