A Concrete driveway in Brisbane make a perfect addition to any property. One of the reasons why homeowners prefer them is to ensure a clean and attractive appearance, along with excellent durability. If you are planning to redo your driveway, consider pouring concrete. In this post, we look at everything you need to know. Let’s get started.

1. Ensure proper project planning

The first and most important stage in any construction project is the planning phase. As the saying goes, “failing to plan is planning to fail”. The same applies to your concrete driveway. No matter how simple driveway installation might seem, you have hours of planning before commencing the project. Otherwise, you could see dozens of stops halfway through the project, and the overall experience could turn out to be dreadful. Therefore, draw up a blueprint and come up with a cost estimate. Set the expected standards and verify if you have legal permission to alter your grounds. Remember that in some areas, you have to be granted permission to proceed.

2. Engage a professional concreting contractor

Installation of concrete driveways seem on the surface to be a simple DIY project. However, several things can go wrong if you do not engage a professional concrete contractor from the initial stage. A qualified concrete contractor in Brisbane will advise you on issues regarding with ground preparation and ensure the proper concrete pouring process. A pro will make sure the materials meet the minimum quality requirements. When hiring a professional concrete contractor, make sure you verify his qualifications and level of experience. Inexperienced contractors may not deliver to your expectations.

3. Choose professional concrete suppliers

You will need to use concrete from a reputable supplier. There are several concrete suppliers in the region. However, note that they do not supply the same standard of concrete. You have to do some proper research and check online reviews to ascertain that the concrete supplier you will be working with meets the specified requirements.

4. Proper ground preparation

Do not just source concrete and start pouring it on the driveway without proper ground preparation. Therefore, first dig the ground down to the proper depth, depending upon the height of the concrete slab. Level the driveway appropriately and make sure there is proper drainage. Also, fill in any low spots with dirt and ensure adequate compaction. Compacting increases soil density by reducing the amount of gas in it. Remember that wet, un-compacted soil is very difficult to work with.

5. Concrete curing

Once you have completed the concrete pouring process, it is time to let the concrete cure. The concrete curing stage is crucial for the concrete driveway to meet your expectations. Besides, poor concrete curing affects durability, so make sure the concrete curing process meets the highest standard.

The concrete curing process may take days or even weeks, depending upon the concrete slab’s thickness and composition. Give the concrete project an adequate amount of time to cure so it does not become brittle or even crack prematurely. Apply proper sealing to protect the finished and cured concrete surface.


Are you planning to install concrete driveways in Brisbane? Whether it is a commercial or a residential area, you need a qualified professional to guide you through the concreting process. At Blue Tongue landscaping, we provide professional driveways that meet the highest standards. Call us today and we will ensure fast and reliable concrete installation process.