Planting not only helps improve the quality of air but also enhances the beauty of a place. Owing to these reasons, the concept of roof garden design has started gaining ground in recent years.

Are you planning to try out this idea on your rooftop? If yes, then the tips and ideas given below will assist you in pulling it off.

1. The Taller the Plant, the Better the View:

Small garden design ideas have become commonplace in almost all homes in Australia. Do you wish to have a garden-like feeling on your rooftop in line with such an idea? You can do so easily with little creativity.

All you need to do is plant the greens that you are going to grow. Opt for taller plants in collaboration with bamboos, grasses, and shrubs. This will give the perfect look to your garden.

2. Make Elevated Beds:

Depending on the dimensions of your rooftop, you can think about raised beds on your roof in line with garden feature ideas. These structures serve as the right base for the growth of plants.

Apart from height, you need to take care of the membrane of the roof. Think about utilizing a waterproofing membrane to prevent the penetration of roots. Otherwise, it can damage the building

3. Use Plants of Various Sizes:

One of the secrets to grabbing the attention of others with your gardening ideas right away is to be a little creative with the size of plants. If you wish to make your rooftop garden a special one, think about including trees of various sizes. For instance, you can include some large plants alongside shorter ones and shrubs and even cactuses. This unique combination will do the job for you.

4. Choose the Right Furniture:

The choice of furniture for your rooftop garden will play an important role in making it the centre of attention. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the pieces to suit your lounging or dinner needs. Gorgeous outdoor settings, couches, wooden day beds with pretty cushions and comfortable sitting areas are all great ideas. Regardless of the type of furniture you choose, make a point of choosing only those pieces that go well with the theme and ambiance of your garden.

5. Take Care of the Lighting:

While your garden on the roof will be clearly visible during the day time, you need to go the extra mile to not only make it visible but eye-catching as well. From dusk to dawn, lighting can enable you to do this. The only thing you need to do is choose the right kind of lighting. Try installing more light near the door or stairwell to make for brighter spots; fair lights in tree on staircases, tea lights and gorgeous lamps can all make for a special spot.

Final Thoughts:

It takes thoughtful ideas to pull off the design of a roof garden in the right way. Think about putting these ideas into practice to accomplish the task with ease. If possible, collaborate your own design with the aforementioned ones to add a personal touch to the overall design. In case you are running out of ideas, consider reaching out to a professional for the right garden design in Brisbane.