You do not need to be an expert to design that perfect garden for your house. All you need is a proper plan and avoiding some of the common landscaping mistakes. If you find it overwhelming, you can always hire a suitable landscape designer.

A beautiful landscape garden not only looks appealing from the outside but also creates a sense of belonging and happiness to its inmates.

So, have a look into some of the most common landscaping mistakes and their solutions here:

1. Lack of a Proper Plan:

One of the most common mistakes is the absence of a proper plan. Take a pen and paper and sketch out a rough plan. Make a proper estimate of your list of plants, flower pots, accessories, and other necessities and draw up a budget.

Try not to get impulsive and buy things that would not be of any use in the long run. Your master plan should also take the four seasons into consideration.

2. Sectionalize Your Garden:

Stand in front of a window that overlooks your garden and have a good look. Does it look small? A long open view of your garden may look monotonous and boring. Divide your garden into small sections.

Garden edging will divide the space in your garden by putting a fence or a wall. Put potted flower plants in one group and shrubs in another. It will create an illusion of more space and will make your garden area look interesting.

3. Improper Garden Furniture:

Most people tend to forget about garden furniture. Don’t overcrowd the outdoor space of your garden with unnecessary furnishings – leave room to breathe and walk around spaciously. After all, you want to experience the beauty of nature and the fresh scent of flowers.

Celebrate simplicity with some colourful flower pots and accessories. Simple carved wooden or bamboo chairs can look rustic and complement some bright cushions and pillows which add comfort.

4. Less Focus on Foliage:

Don’t buy seasonal flowers only. Focus more on foliage. Foliage adds beauty and freshness to your garden throughout the year.

Invest in green foliage of all textures, sizes, and colours. They will bring down your landscaping costs because most of them require very low maintenance.

5. Do Not Ignore the 4 Seasons:

Most of us invest in the early spring and summer bloomers like roses and zinnias. But they won’t last the whole year. Be wise in choosing your plants. Consider buying evergreen shrubs, perennial grasses, and trees that look beautiful throughout the year. Forget-me-nots and Marigolds bloom even in winter.

Variety is the key to any good landscape. Do not limit yourself with seasonal flowers alone.


Landscaping is a completely different concept than gardening. It requires proper planning, improvisation, and expertise.

Even if you are new, you can always hire a professional who will chalk out a plan according to your expectations. It is recommended that you contact landscape maintenance services for the regular upkeep of your garden. It will save you time and provide you the utmost satisfaction from your landscape.