Beautiful gardens help to create a soothing environment. When you create a green space, it offers you relief from stress, fresh air, improved mood, connection with the earth, and more. One of the best things about gardening is that it allows you to be creative. You have to figure out which plants will be best suited for a particular environment. You can also hire a good garden planner for creating a beautiful green space.

Below are the top 5 garden trends that you will witness this year:

1. Opt for a Tech. Garden:

It is a highly popular garden trend among gadget freaks. In this type of garden, you can enjoy the greenery with the components of the latest technology. You can turn your green space into a sci-fi equipped garden. Such gardens are in huge demand these days and many gardeners all over Australia have taken up this unique approach. Many gardeners with this choice of gardens have installed automatic moist sensor machines. The machine can sense the moisture level of the soil of the garden; and based on this, it sprinkles water all over the garden. Some other tech garden lovers have also installed music speakers in their gardens to enjoy their workout session with the beats of music.

2. Oxygen Producing Plants:

There are several garden design ideas available for you to make your space look stunning. If you love your meditation and yoga session, this type of garden can serve you many benefits. In such a garden where you plant oxygen-rich plants, you will get plenty of oxygen in return. For yoga lovers, it can be the best option.

3. Recycling Garden:

This type of garden is very popular at the moment. It involves using all those items which are no more in use. Take a quick look at your garden and start thinking which items can be best accommodated in the available space. The items should be placed in such a way that it should enhance the beauty of the garden. These days several unused plastic bottles are used for boosting the beauty of gardens. Make your green space the centre of attraction with several small garden makeovers ideas.

4. Bonsai Tree Garden:

You can opt for small but beautiful miniature trees in your garden. They will easily fit in your garden and enhance its beauty. Creating a Bonsai garden requires immense patience and care.

5. Vegetable Garden:

This garden trend is particularly popular among vegetarians and vegans. To create such a garden, you need to plant some seeds of your favourite veggies and harvest them when you need. A vegetable garden will offer you great health benefits.


Gardening is a great practice which can bring your creativity to the fore. Not only will you be able to recycle the various things in your home but also grow your favourite vegetables. Garden maintenance Brisbane Northside has assumed great significance amid rising pollution.