Scientists have said it over and over again that maintaining one’s own garden is good for both body and soul. If you have space in front of your house, then a garden could be a great stress buster for you. It could also help you keep fit. But many people shy away from gardening. The reason is that they fear that it is a very high maintenance activity. If gardening isn’t your thing, here are several landscape management tips to make your garden a low maintenance one.

1. Go Local:

It is your garden, so it is entirely your choice of which plants to choose. When you read about gardening, you will realise that all plants do not need the same quantum of tender, loving care. The less exotic your choice of plants, the lesser attention they would need to be given. That is why you need to start off by choosing mostly local plants which can grow naturally even in the absence of regular inputs from you.

2. Plan Ahead:

You need to take a look at your garden area and its existing plants first. This can be easily done before you call in professional landscaping experts. Decide on the layout of your garden, and what types of plants you want. Once that is ready, you can actually buy your plants in any order you wish.

3. Make Similar Groups:

When you are making a plan for your future garden, arrange similar plants close together. By similar, we mean plants which have similar needs, not similar looks. If some plants need sunlight, place them together in a patch which gets maximum sunlight. Those plants which need daily watering could be bunched together not far from a source of water.

4. Choose Perennials:

There are some plants which do not have an annual or semi-annual cycle. Once planted and matured, they can survive for several years at a stretch. In case you are planning some landscape construction in and around your garden, you can plan them around these perennial plants. Also, perennial plants do not need your regular intervention, except for the occasional pruning.

5. Do Not Overdo:

When people are planning for and creating their garden, they often have a tendency to allow their enthusiasm to make them go overboard. They buy too many plants and simply crowd their garden. This not only impacts the aesthetics but might involve more effort from you for maintenance. Also, keeping a large lawn would require weeding and mowing on a regular basis. Instead, try to add some paving or rock installations which would be maintenance free.

Follow these simple landscaping South Brisbane tips. They will help to maintain an attractive garden with minimal effort.