Many residents often ignore the benefits of lawn aeration. Professionals at commercial lawn maintenance provide lawn aeration services. It is important to note that consistent aeration goes a long way in enhancing grass health. It is impossible to achieve a lush green backyard sans lawn aeration. A large number of lawns require aeration once a year. And, if the lawn gets it twice, the result will be even better. Fall has emerged as the appropriate period to opt for lawn aeration services as your yards’ soil is most compacted during that season. Lawn aeration includes the usage of a special machine that provides small holes to the soil to loosen it up.

Given below are some major advantages of lawn aeration:

1. Soil can breathe:

After a while, chances remain high of your lawn getting compacted. The lawn gets compacted due to high footfall, patio furniture, and regular usage. These days there is a strong trend of patio landscaping but you should note that this may also cause the soil to compact. When the soil gets tight and compacted, it stops the air from reaching the roots. It is imperative for your lawn to breathe in a consistent manner. And, aeration not only lets the lawn breathe but also loosens up the soil without impacting the grass.

2. Better absorption of water and fertiliser:

When the soil gets properly loosened up, there is better space for fertiliser and water. When soil is compacted too much, the fertilizer may end up sitting on the top layer of grass. It will not do any good to the overall health of blades. Water can seep into the soil but in the absence of aeration, even rainwater will struggle to penetrate the soil. Your outdoor landscape can look far more beautiful with effective lawn aeration.

3. Stronger roots:

The adequate amount of air, water, fertilizer, and nutrients will be able to travel much more successfully via aerated lawns which will help in making the roots stronger. Effective lawn aeration will also provide roots the much-needed space to spread deeper and wider. Not to mention, it will help in enhancing the overall health of the grass.

4. Less puddles:

When water cannot absorb into the compacted soil, the roots tend to suffer and of course you just end up wasting water. It leads to unappealing puddles on your lawn and of course soil may also runoff. This can cause massive damage to your lawn over a period of time. With adequate aeration, these issues are completely eliminated.

5. Support overseeding:

Overseeding can be defined as the procedure of adding grass seeds on top of existing lawn. If you want the overseeding to remain effective, the lawn must be aerated. Lawn aeration will help in opening up the soil and therefore permits the seeds to directly touch the soil.


It is important to provide adequate lawn care all year long, to ensure you can stay on top of it, especially during the wet season when everything grows out of control. The more effective the lawn care, the greater the ensuing outcome will be. Aeration has emerged as one of the most vital steps in preparing your lawn for harsh winter months. In simple words, it works like a vitamin shot for your lawn and will offer it strong protection from chilly winter.