People often tend to relax during winter which can often lead to a lack of lawn care during these months. But care during chilly winters is also necessary to maintain the health and beauty of your dearest plants. Before spring arrives and flowers start blooming, your lawn should be ready and fresh. Scroll down to see some of the easy tips to keep your lawn healthy during winter.

1. Aeration:

Aeration is normally done in order to pass more water and air through the soil so that it can remain healthy every time. It should be done in winters so that grass can regenerate easily when spring comes. If you are adding fertilizers to the soil, they will get absorbed quickly if aeration is done before. You might need an aerator for this work or alternatively you can call lawn care services.

2. Fertilize:

Fertilizing is one of the most important requirements you need to do for your lawn. In winter, grass can become dormant. To ensure that the grass remains healthy and green after winters too, you need to fertilize. Fertilizers will make the roots healthier so that they are prepared for the chilled winters. There are nutrients which can get away from the soil or fade during the hot summer months, to make the soil rich in nutrients again, fertilizing is the best option.

3. Cleaning:

There is a possibility that some objects like dead leaves, lawn equipment, rubbish, or dust lie on your lawn. These objects can damage the quality of your soil if deposited for a long time. It becomes necessary to clean your lawn during winters to avoid these problems. Take a broom and sweep all that off the lawn! Or opt for lawn maintenance service to do that.

4. Mowing:

Call up lawn mowing service before it gets too late and snow comes. Also, your lawn can become a home to various insects and other animals like mice. They will dig small tunnels into your soil to keep them warm. Therefore, it’s wise to cut the grass short so that it doesn’t attract burrowing insects.


These are some of the tips you can do to make your lawn nice and healthy during the winter months so that you are ready when Sping comes around.