There’s nothing like a beautifully vibrant yard. Colour is what really sucks you in as an onlooker, especially when the yard has been designed by Blue Tongue Landscaping, expert specialists in commercial landscape design. But, while you wish to impress people, you should remember to maintain the lawn or landscape for the purpose of keeping your flowers and plants healthy and happy. Keep reading to learn our top tips on adding colour to your commercial landscape design.

1. Think about colourful plants

As you gather ideas to beautify your landscape, you must think about colourful flowering plants. You could either opt for natives or plant depending on the season. Perennial plants are also something you might like to consider because they thrive season after season. But, for plants that bloom at different time intervals, you need to create a plan. You not only have to determine the right time but also the preferred location.

2. Go for hardscaping

As you approach top landscaping companies and present your ideas, you could make the lawn look colourful through landscaping. If you insist the expert to proceed with numerous paving and masonry techniques, this would actually help to create a mesmerising colour contrast around your chosen plants. But, for a sophisticated design, the expert could complement the retaining walls with capstones of the same colour shade. Contact Blue Tongue Landscaping today to chat about your goals and how we can help you achieve them!

3. Set the right mood

Landscape lighting can really help to highlight colour around the region. While you look for environmentally-friendly LED lights, you might like to consider decorating any trees. To really create an impression, you can astonish your guests with lights along pathways, this is a beautiful way to create flawless edging in your yard and create depth. You can also decorate stairways with lighting as well. Various techniques can further be used for moonlighting and hard lighting.

4. Think about furnishings

As you try to create a distinct feeling in your yard, you can opt for furnishings along with landscape curbing. If you are happy to exude your own style and accentuate the surrounding architecture, you could use furniture as a focal point. The visual appeal can certainly be enhanced around the vestibule or the entryway. Moreover, you could add colour around the area where guests are supposed to sit outdoors. But, most importantly, you need to find out what works best for your lawn, every yard is different so the key is ensuring that your yard works for you and your lifestyle. This is where Blue Tongue Landscaping can really assist you to do the best thing for your landscape.


If you have a hectic schedule, then you can seek assistance from many design experts including the best in commercial landscape company in Brisbane, Blue Tongue Landscaping. Contact the experts today to chat about your goals.