Your landscaping efforts may go haywire if you lack expertise and are just a beginner in this field. In such a situation, you should seek professional services that will bring life to your landscape. The professionals at Blue Tongue Landscaping offer plenty of advice to make your landscape engaging and appealing. Amid the availability of vast information on the Internet, you may find it difficult to select the right plants and locations. The experts aim to guide you in the right direction and help you achieve your goals in obtaining an attractive landscape. Landscaping and maintenance services are economical in Brisbane and will not cause a hole in your pocket.

Here are some of the myths of landscaping:

1. Short grass may not require high maintenance:
If you cut your grass too short, it may cause excessive sun exposure to the soil. Short grass can cause brown spots and weeds which will affect the beauty of the landscape. And, you will notice that the roots may also be damaged. So make sure to keep the grass length of your lawn a little longer. It will prevent landscape erosion and keep the beauty of your lawn intact.

2. Spring season is good for plantation:
Many people claim that spring is a good season for plantation. But, fall is equally good for planting new plants. During Autumn which is a little colder weather, plants may not have to bear excessive heat. So opt for planting in Autumn.

3. Water your grass during the night:
Many people believe that watering grass during day time may not be a good idea. They say that excessive sunlight will absorb the water. But during night time, watering the grass may prove even more harmful as it may cause fungi. A fungus is very difficult to remove once it settles on the grass. Watering during the early morning is the best time as sun rays are not too strong during these hours. You can contact the many local landscaping contractors in Perth to obtain a beautiful lawn.

4. Plant shrubs around the walls of the house:
Some people like to plant shrubs around the outside of the house on the walls to hide the wall, however, this makes it extremely difficult to maintain the shrubs and the outer walls of your house.

There are many many landscaping ideas that you can explore and with the help of Blue Tongue Landscaping your front and backyard landscape will be looking perfect.