Not all of us have the luxury of a house with a beautiful garden. As temperatures soar, it makes sense to spend time on your lawn or garden and enjoy the cool greenery. Is is enough to simply have a nice garden? Or would you like to have a beautiful garden that you can spend time in? This post presents some landscape design ideas which you can apply to your garden patch to make it the very best it can be.

1. Use Hardscaping:

Many people carry the wrong notion that landscaping is only classed as plants, grass and flowers. But that is far from the truth. There are several non-living things you can use to make your garden come alive. For instance, if you build a pathway around the periphery of your garden, you can use paving stones instead of just leaving a dirt track. It makes walking easier in wet conditions. It also adds definition and character to your garden. Just ensure you do not let your pathways, fences, decks, and gazebos overshadow the greenery; it should complement it.

2. Encourage activities:

A garden may have a lawn with two garden chairs and a coffee table. You and a friend can spend some nice quiet moments there. But all gardens needn’t be like this. Your landscape plan can also include objects that help you have enjoyable activities in your garden. A few examples would be an outdoor grill or a cooktop. For summer days, you might also want to install a small fridge in your garden, or even put up bar-style seating. You will see your garden become much more active, and you will find it very easy to entertain friends.

3. Plant local:

When you come to selecting plants and bushes for your garden, you have two choices usually. The first is to get exotic plants or local plants. While exotic plants have their charm and beauty, there is a possible downside. As you will have have uprooted the flora from a different climate or land type, you need to add a lot of soil, pesticides, time, effort and fertilisers to offer them strength in the new environment. The second option is to use local greenery, in which case they are accustomed to the climate and land are require very few chemical additives. That is why it is recommended that you use local plants during your landscaping Brisbane efforts.

4. Go Perennial:

We suggest that seasonal is a word that is much better with vegetables. But when it comes to your front garden, perennial plants make much more sense, rather than seasonal. Not to mention perennial plants will usually grow to their full size and add a touch of gravitas to your garden.


These are just four simple outdoor landscaping ideas which you can use. As you spend more time on your garden, you will understand your own needs, strengths, and limitations better. Use this blog as a starting point, and gradually grow your garden to it’s full potential.