If you have a small backyard but you’ve always wanted to construct a lovely patio on a budget, then you’re at the right place. In this blog we are going to discuss 4 lovely budget patio ideas for small backyard landscaping.
Generally, people think of renovating or purchasing costly outdoor furniture for a patio area. But they forget they can make a beautiful space even if they are on a budget! Scroll down to see all our amazing ideas:

1. Double Use:
Make a budget-friendly choice for your furniture. Invest in pieces which can be used in multiple or at least two ways. For example, you can invest in a bench that can convert into lounger as well. This way, it will not only save space, but it will also save you money. Try looking for double duty furniture pieces online or in a nearby thrift store and compare prices, don’t just buy the first thing you find.

You can also ask the store manager to make a custom piece for you. Customised furniture pieces can come at affordable rates and you can make them designed as per your theme and creativity. You can also look for furniture which has storage within as you can use the storage also.

2. Do It Yourself:
What’s more pleasing than designing the patio area yourself? Rock the DIY concept and build your own chairs, tables or any furniture for your backyard. We understand, investing in furniture for backyards can be expensive, that’s why this idea makes a point here. You just need some basic construction materials and you can make fully functional furniture for your patio landscaping.

3. String Lights:
With the right string lights or fairy lights, you don’t need to spend a huge amount on the roof lighting system of your backyard; you can buy fairy lights from a variety of discount stores. Just buy some beautiful lights in various sizes and figure out what looks best. Wrap the lights around polls and beams in order to get the full effect. This set up always looks attractive and saves costs at the same time.

4. Display a Collection:
For that extra glamour, display a collection of exquisite plants and seedlings in miniature containers. Add landscaping stones in those containers for that extra touch. You can also use small colourful/creative pots to add a pop of colour in your backyard. This is an awesome budget-friendly idea which looks adorable in small backyard spaces.

It can become a nice focal point and is sure to attract the eyes of your guests. To construct the racks on which pots will have to be placed, you can use cement or marbles.

You can also opt for a yard service if you want professionals to do the work. Hope you loved these ideas that are not only budget-friendly but can convert your simple patio into a mesmerising one!