When you think property maintenance, do you think about landscape maintenance? Commercial landscaping in Brisbane Northside can’t be done overnight, it requires time and planning. It might seem like an afterthought, but it is actually a work of art when done properly. And especially when it comes to commercial landscaping, extra care is needed because a good landscape design attracts customers. Any commercial property manager should develop a plan regarding how the landscape should look, and defining the balance between hardscaping and softscaping.

In this post, we are discussing the following four best practices for planning your commercial landscape:

1. Make it functional:

Always try to add some hardscape elements like paths, fountains and concrete seating. These elements not only look beautiful but also make a property functional. Benches allow employees to sit and have their lunch, allow visitors to conduct outdoor activities and make the property generally more enjoyable for everyone. Adding a fountain makes a property stand out and sets it apart from the neighbuors. Ask commercial landscape contractors for a better idea. Hardscape elements should be in proportion to softscape ones in order to create a good balance between both.

2. Think long term:

Some property owners overlook ongoing maintenance until it gets too late; they don’t understand the importance of maintaining a property. It is essential to always check the sustainability of plants and herbs. The plants should be chosen according to the region. Choosing native plants can save you money, and replacement costs as well. Contact yard service experts Blue Tongue for better results.

3. Develop a distinct identity

Generally, in most landscapes, there is a large area of shrubs and greens and a few trees are planted along the perimeter. But a better plan is to use colourful plants and flowers throughout the garden area. Uniqueness is always necessary in order to stand out from the rest.

4. Pick the right equipment

The healthy green landscapes you might have seen in people’s backyard are the result of the right equipment and the latest technology. For example, irrigation systems should be used correctly and the user should know the right balance of moisture for the greens planted in the garden. If you don’t have proper knowledge about it, hiring a professional landscaper who can take care of your lawn and have years of experience can help. In the presence of a professional, you don’t need to take care of anything; they will maintain and allow your garden to flourish in the most beneficial way.


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