Many property owners are concerned about water conservation, especially those who live on a large property. But, even before you contact an expert who specialises in garden design Brisbane, you should think about smart irrigation practices, and some questions you might like to ask them. At Blue Tongue Landscaping, we understand the lay of different lands and how water conservation can best be achieved depending on your landscape. So, don’t hesitate, contact us today to chat about your water conservation goals.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three practices you can start considering.

1. Try installing a drip system

Even though drip irrigation is ideal for expansive lawns rather than smaller lawns, you could consider it as a cost-effective way to supply water to your plants. In fact, the system could help you to irrigate specific areas including flower beds as well. On the other hand, you can seek assistance from a professional landscaping company to seek their suggestion. Rather than irrigating your entire landscape, you could instead install a drip system just for a specific region that you are very concerned about. This way, you get the benefits in the area most needed, but it’s more cost-effective.

2. Think about using irrigation controllers

Whenever you are maintaining a lawn, it’s best to forget about timers altogether (setting the time to irrigate the plants). Instead, you might like to consider using smart irrigation controllers. Such systems operate smoothly; the built-in sensors help to supply water depending on the precipitation rate and the climatic conditions. Moreover, such systems optimise water levels depending on the soil moisture. Apart from helping you to save money and water, the controllers also aid you in maintaining your yard/land in the most convenient way. Once everything is set up carefully, you no longer have to think about investing in infrastructure or wasting water.

3. Think about drought-resistant plants

For a garden with landscaping rocks, you can think about low growing plants. But, if you wish to conserve water in the soil, then you should plant drought-resistant shrubs. These plants help to reduce overall water consumption significantly, however you may have to prune them occasionally. Agave, Lithops, Adenium, Haworthia, and Cactus are some of the most drought-tolerant plants to consider.


It’s always better to follow rules for lawn watering/maintenance. so get in touch with Blue Tongue Landscaping to learn the top tips when it comes to yard maintenance in Queensland. The team are always here to help out and answer any questions you might have about your yard, or future yard goals.